Stopping Smoking Is Easier Than You Think

We’ve all made that resolution to stop smoking – and then started again a couple of weeks later…

Every time I do a show or a talk, I’m inundated with requests from people who want to give up the vile weed. Well… it’s a lot easier than you think!

If you’re on a long haul flight or at the cinema, you don’t miss having a cigarette, so why should any other time be different? And anyway, do you wake up in the night every half hour gasping for a cigarette? I don’t think so. Here’s why…

We all know that smoking damages your health (and the health of your children) but surprisingly, it’s not the nicotine that’s addictive, it’s the habit that is the real addiction. This is because the mind associates smoking a cigarette with having a good time. The truth is that the ‘hit’ only lasts for a few seconds – but even so, people feel they have to smoke the whole thing because they’ve paid for it!

Smokers always say they enjoy it, but when pressed, they find it impossible to explain why! Think about it for a moment… there isn’t really any long-term physical pleasure in smoking at all. Remember your first cigarette? It probably made you feel awful, so why did you continue? If you didn’t smoke, would you let someone poison you over a period of time and make you pay for the privilege? Smoking is like a prison where the door has been left unlocked – so why not take ownership of your life and just walk out? No one is stopping you!

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the question ‘Who is in control – me or the cigarette?’ I mean… would you normally consider suicide? Physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine last only a few hours and so the physical withdrawal is negligible. Again, it’s the habit that you have to beat!

People tend to exaggerate the difficulty of giving up smoking. Turning your back on cigarettes is not a sacrifice! Giving up the one thing you don’t want in life is actually much easier than you imagine – it’s all about changing your perspective. And guess what – going without cigarettes gets easier, not harder because habits can be broken as easily as they were formed in the first place.

People who light up every time they are stressed are only fooling themselves – the problem will still be there after the cigarette is finished. If you can deal with any situation without smoking, then you can deal with anything life throws at you.

Here’s another little known fact: not one cigarette company executive smokes – even the cigarette companies and their advertising agencies admit that their product will kill you eventually! If cigarettes were invented tomorrow, they would be banned immediately because tobacco is a uniquely dangerous product, and the only dangerous product to be sold legally.

Consider this; the craving for a cigarette only lasts for a few seconds. Every time you overcome the craving you have not only scored a small victory but you are also training your mind to think straight. Think of the money you will save. If you smoke an average of 20 a day, just pause for a moment and work out what it costs you every year!

Stop smoking altogether and you will very soon notice your body getting fitter and healthier. Try not to think about how long it has been since your last cigarette because this creates a mental block – one you can do without. Think of stopping smoking as a huge relief! Your faithful friend is actually a traitor, and one that you’re better off without.

The bottom line is that dependency on cigarettes is always psychological rather than physiological. The idea that there will be terrible withdrawal symptoms is a myth – there won’t be! You are irritated by life’s troubles, not by going without a cigarette. In other words, if you expect to feel this way, the odds are that you probably will. This is just a trick your own mind plays on you, and it’s otherwise known as ‘perception.’ One of the most successful ways to give up is to make yourself aware of your smoking. We are constantly bombarded with information from all sorts of sources that tell us it’s hard to give up and this is an illusion!

Hypnosis can change the way you feel and think about smoking permanently because it focuses your attention on your smoking as soon as you reach for a cigarette. Hypnosis works because it taps in to the area of the mind that is naturally open to suggestion. It’s also a profoundly relaxing experience. And it’s a great cure for stress into the bargain!

This is how hypnosis works – by suggestion and relaxation – no zombie like state or trance or anything like that. In fact the opposite is true – you are fully aware during the whole process. Some people use hypnosis to help them to sleep better at night. Hypnosis is also brilliant for pain relief. I can show anyone how to banish all those aches and pains in less than half an hour (as can any good hypnotherapist!)

You will remember everything that has been said under hypnosis – all you have to do is just enjoy the pleasant feeling of total relaxation as all the stresses and strains of the day disappear. In fact the whole process feels as if you are about to fall asleep – fully relaxed but fully aware of what is going on around you.

Your body may well start to feel light; you may even experience a slight tingling sensation in your fingers and toes, but again, this is perfectly normal. There are no side effects and at no time do you relinquish control. Most people feel very relaxed or even quite sleepy after hypnosis, and often find that they sleep better that night.

So what have you got to lose? Give it a try… enjoy the feeling of creative relaxation and stop poisoning your own body for good.

I dare you to try…

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