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A Quick Psychology Lesson   

Most people think that psychology is ‘the study of the mind’, but it’s not… the mind is too difficult to define or quantify. Psychology is the study of behaviour – of individuals or groups. We explore the meaning of what it means to be human, with all our successes and faults. 

grey matter   

Your brain is the most complex structure in the universe, controlling every aspect of your being, your character and personality. Your brain is the very essence of everything you are – it’s the control centre of your fundamental nature, your spirit and some would argue, your soul. This is how it works…


How we learn by imitation, and how our thoughts and opinions are influenced on a daily basis without our even being aware of it. Discover the truth about subliminal messaging, and learn how success really is about the image! 


A close look at hypnosis and the influence of suggestion – one of the most misunderstood phenomena in medical science  and how it can modify human behaviour. Hypnosis explained in a way that will change the way you think about it for good. 


What the talking therapies aim to achieve, how hypnotherapists treat their clients, and how hypnosis is used for specific conditions. I explain how I treat my clients and use radical approaches to therapy to achieve outstanding and life-changing results. 

Intelligence and Communication   

How you’re smarter than your parents were, and how your intelligence improves without you even knowing. Less than half of communication is verbal – mainly, we communicate by reading facial expression and body language, but it’s the skill of using language that really matters…


Our memories are our identity. We look at the best ways to learn and remember, and how to improve memory. We examine how stress affects memory and how memory can be biased. And… we look at how memory is malleable and question the myth of false memory and sexual abuse.

A mine of disinformation   

Our lives our influenced a thousand times a day without us having the slightest idea it’s happening. An insight into the world of hype and untruth, meaningless buzzwords, how the customer is never right, fake news, and how we’re never told the truth. 

The New Mesmerists   

Over the last 30 years, the global mind therapy business has grown at an astonishing rate. The drive to make your life a better place to live has mushroomed to industrial proportions to become a highly competitive multi-billion dollar enterprise. After Hypnotherapy, the market leader is NLP… but is it all it’s cracked up to be? It’s a No from me… and this is why…


30 short cuts to confidence, decision making, positive thinking, keeping a clear head, better health, thinking yourself happy, looking after your immune system, perfect posture, positive thinking keeps you young, sharper brains, being more resilient, beating stress, and looking on the bright side of life! 

Beating stress, anxiety and depression   

Understanding stress, anxiety, depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Examining the antidepressant myth and the effect of environment on stress and anxiety… and some quick fixes and long-term solutions. You are not alone… and you can beat it!

Beating Loneliness   ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Human beings evolved to live in groups, with all the support and cooperation that brings. If we allow ourselves to become self-absorbed, and worse, withdrawn from society, we intensify feelings of isolation and loneliness. Here are some ways to beat it…

Fears & Phobias   

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! How we process fear, why we fear the creepy crawlies, and how it’s easy to overcome fears & phobias. Fear is a part of the human survival strategy and it does serve a purpose.  Controlling it… and beating it, is easy once you know how! 

Sleep and Insomnia   

How much sleep is enough sleep? How a lack of sleep can change your personality… and some new ways to manage Insomnia. Understanding how we sleep now, and how we used to sleep, will help… and so will embracing new sleep patterns. 

Weight Management   

How food advertising works and why it’s hard to stick to a diet. I can’t make you thin, but I can explain the long-term approach to weight loss that works! Forget the crash diet, forget the heavy gym exercise. The real secret is to set achievable goals and make a long-term plan. 

How to make a happy, well-adjusted child   

Indulging in baby talk, applying the marshmallow test, playing with numbers, and trusting children, is the best medicine. Six steps to encourage better teenage decision-making… and how to make a happy, well-adjusted child…

Helping Teens Survive Lockdown   

Most teenagers dream of going to university, of improving themselves and their life prospects, but Covid-19 means that most have had their freedoms curtailed… Most frustrating is that they know they are highly unlikely to fall seriously ill with the virus, and that their sacrifice is to protect others…

A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness   

Mindfulness explained – the good, the bad and the ugly… We examine the benefits of meditation, the dark side of mindfulness and the negative side of positive thinking. Is mindfulness al it’s cracked up to be? Join the debate and make your own mind up here… 

music and the mind   

Playing music makes children smarter, reduces stress, helps battle dementia and Parkinson’s disease… Music influences our mood, how much we spend, and even our choice of food. Music can increase our brain power and our understanding of the word we inhabit. 

Growing Old Intelligently   

We can grow old gracefully… stay healthy… live with dignity… and with all our memories intact. Moderate exercise – short walks, a little gardening, meeting friends for a drink or going to the theatre – even doing a crossword puzzle can help keep you mentally healthy. Here are some ideas, and the science behind them…


A serious examination and explanation of Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Smoking Addiction, and Shopping Addiction. Understanding how and why people become addicted gives us a better idea of how to treat it. 

Technology Addiction   

Understanding Technology Addiction, Smartphone Addiction, Video Gaming Addiction, Social Media Addiction… and a frightening look at how we are likely to become even more addicted to technology in the very near future…

the unhealthy pleasure of anorexia   

Anorexia is not about the fear of getting fat – it’s about the pleasure of losing weight… Up to now, the condition has been associated with major psychological distress, but this may not be the case after all… Hypnotherapy can help if the patient is willing to cooperate.


There’s a psychopath living next door to you, stalking you at the golf club, in your workplace, behind the pulpit, and even in your bed. These people do not wield knives or raise their voices – their chosen method of murder is the long game, cunningly played with meticulous planning, and first prize is your complete and utter destruction.

Inside the mind of a terrorist   

From the war-torn streets of Aleppo to the valleys of Afghanistan to the bright modern cities of Paris, London and New York, terrorism is something that affects us all. To stop it, we must understand it, and to understand it, we must first get inside the mind of a terrorist.

The Electric Wizard   

The Amazing Story of Dr. Walford Bodie

ILLUSTRATED – The true story of Dr. Walford Bodie, the world’s greatest hypnotist – and once the world’s highest paid entertainer. This is the astounding and tragi-comic story of his incredible life.

The Mesmeric Arts   

The portrayal of hypnosis in popular culture

ILLUSTRATED with over 250 drawings, paintings, posters and photographs – the history of hypnosis as portrayed in art and popular culture over the last 200 years, from the earliest mesmerists to modern stage hypnosis.


Available August 2021 – available on demand only – Price £24.95. 

A brief history of Hypnosis   

ILLUSTRATED – The story of hypnosis, from its beginnings in ancient Egypt to Franz Mesmer’s ‘animal magnetism’, to the Mesmerists of the 18th and 19th century, to the scientific understanding of an elusive art – how 20th century science and modern psychology finally solved the riddle of Hypnosis and became accepted as a mainstream science. 

really interesting psychology stuff

collected articles on how your brain works

Available end July 2021

Religion & Mysticism

Available 5th July 2021

Cults – A study of human behaviour

Available 5th July 2021

ADHD – An Invented Condition?   

The truth about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder – and how it might not actually exist. There is now a considerable body of evidence suggesting that ADHD is an invented disease – but part of a child’s normal development, and something that is easily cured.

The Gift of Autism   

Autism affects how those with the condition perceive and make sense of the world around them. Because they see the world in a different way, they think about problems in a different way, often finding ‘outside the box’ solutions that elude the rest of us.

The Genius of Eccentricity   

Eccentricity is not Odd! 

Creative people are better connected, they don’t socialise and find sick jokes funny… and swearing a lot could indicate higher intelligence! 

The pointless prison experiment   

The Stanford Prison Experiment, Philip Zimbardo’s investigation into the darker side of the human condition, proved nothing we didn’t know already. We compare Stanford with the real prisons of Abu Ghraib, the Gulag Archipelago, and Camp Quatro, the ANC’s prison for defectors. The similarities are striking… and depressing.

Heroes & villains of psychology   

Scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding the human condition… and the fakers who try to fool us. In praise of Carl Rogers, Irving Kirsch and Stanley Milgram… but in ridicule of Deepak Chopra and author of ‘The Secret’, Rhonda Byrne. 

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