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Andrew Newton has an international reputation with 40 years experience as a stage hypnotist and has unique knowledge and insight into the subject. 

He has also worked in Clinical Hypnotherapy in Harley Street, London, and currently specialises in the treatment of deep trauma, emotional problems, anxiety, grief and loss. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and the author of more than 250 published articles on psychology and hypnosis.

Online Hypnotherapy - Andrew Newton

Andrew Newton is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the nature of hypnosis and has a background in both stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He is able to explain hypnosis with clarity and also the differences between hypnosis as a therapy and hypnosis as an entertainment, and the possible pitfalls and dangers associated with entertainment hypnosis. 

Modern stage hypnosis is populated by incompetents and those will little knowledge or regard for the needs of those they hypnotise. Most have no idea how to recognise the symptoms of fight and flight apparent in a volunteer in distress. 

He regularly speaks out against the ‘corporate denial’ of the stage hypnosis industry and has called for tighter regulation.

Andrew is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and a regular speaker at Student Conferences for Phillip Allen Updates and a keynote speaker for Southwest Conferences.

Andrew Newton is senior lecturer in Hypnosis at the Hypnoseakademiet in Norway, Europe’s premier Hypnosis and EFT training school. He has held this position since 2008.

Andrew has lectured in Hypnosis at Indian Institutes of Technology in Delhi and Rajasthan, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat and Bits Pilani University, Goa. 

Andrew is a regular speaker at psychology conferences in the UK and has shared the platform with such experts as:

  • Professor Richard Wiseman – Professor in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and acclaimed author of several books, including The Luck Factor;
  • Professor David Wilson – Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Birmingham City University;
  • Peter Lovatt – Principal Reader in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire;
  • Professor Sophie Scott – deputy director of the University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience;
  • Professor Simon Baron-Cohen – Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge;
  • Gustav Kuhn – Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University;
  • Mike Cardwell – Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University and former Chief Examiner AQA A;
  • Phil Banyard – Nottingham Trent University London and former Cheif Examiner OCR;
  • Cara Flanagan – Widely published author of A Level Psychology books;
  • Professor Adrian Furnham – Professor of Psychology, University College, London;
  • Alex Haslam – Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Exeter;
  • Professor Graham Davey – Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sussex;
  • Professor Mark Griffiths – Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University;
  • Dave Clarke – Chief examiner CIE Pre-U;
  • Professor Sergio Della Sala – Human Cognitive Neuroscience, Edinburgh;
  • Karen Duffy – Professor of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University;
  • Dr. Graham Wagstaff – Professor of Psychology, University of Liverpool.

Andrew Newton has worked in Clinical Therapy in Harley Street, London, specialising in the treatment of deep trauma and emotional problems. 

Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Member of the International Police Association since 2005.

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