Hypnotherapy for Insecurity

Hypnotherapy for Insecurity

“It’s time to turn your back on limiting beliefs…”

When people are insecure, they often feel jealous, or lonely, or anxious. Worse, we tend to interpret the hurt we feel and view rejection as an indication of our self-worth. This can make us feel even worse! But as painful as it may be, rejection can actually benefit you. Rejection can build resilience and help you grow and apply the lessons you learn to future setbacks. To reap the benefits, you have to deal with it in the right way. Hypnosis helps us use the past as a lesson for the future. 

Thinking the worst can be habit forming. But the worst hardly ever happens. Beating the habit is really a matter of putting yourself in the right frame of mind. Once we learn to do this we can also stop sabotaging ourselves because worry and self doubt is really just a misuse of the imagination. Like a prison we have created in our own minds, it’s the hardest one to break out of. But there is a way…   

1. Please click the button and complete the form so I have a full understanding of your needs. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a time for your session. 


2. A hypnotherapy session on line is exactly the same as a face-to-face session – we will be able to see each other and you can use a laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. I will email you a link to Zoom a few minutes before the session (you don’t have to be a subscriber to Zoom.) You will need to sit in a comfortable chair and have a pillow or cushion handy. 


3. Each session is tailored to your own specific needs. Part of the session may be audio recorded so you will always be able to access a quick ‘top-up’. All sessions are confidential and no information will be passed to any third party. 


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