Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss / Dieting

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for
Weight Loss | Dieting | Healthy Eating | Comfort Eating
Sugar Addiction

“Fad diets don’t work... setting achievable goals does… it’s easy to do it right!"

A session of hypnotherapy will start by addressing the subtle – and often unrecognised – unconscious reasons behind unhealthy eating patterns, effectively changing them, enabling you to move toward a more healthy lifestyle. Eating is not a conscious, deliberate choice. It operates at the unconscious level, and this is where it must be addressed.

This is not a diet plan… it focuses on how to boost psychological motivation to make, and keep making, the right food choices. It addresses comfort eating and sugar addiction. Most important it concentrates on making better decisions – making the right decisions about food. 

In addition, we will instal a ‘virtual gastric band’ which will help you feel fuller and more satisfied quicker. 

1. Please click the button and complete the form so I have a full understanding of your needs. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a time for your session. 

2. A hypnotherapy session on line is exactly the same as a face-to-face session – we will be able to see each other and you can use a laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. I will email you a link to Zoom a few minutes before the session (you don’t have to be a subscriber to Zoom.) You will need to sit in a comfortable chair and have a pillow or cushion handy. 

3. Each session is tailored to your own specific needs. Part of the session may be audio recorded so you will always be able to access a quick ‘top-up’. All sessions are confidential and no information will be passed to any third party. 

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