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“My editor tasked me with finding out whether hypnotism has first-hand legitimacy… 

I found myself visiting four hypnotherapists over the course of eight weeks in an attempt to cure my own particular complaint … 

…only Andrew Newton was successful.”

From Men’sHealth Magazine, 17 May 2017

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Hypnotherapy for
Trauma | PTSD | Past Trauma | Childhood trauma
Abusive relationship | Assault

"The past is not a life sentence..."

They say that time is a great healer, and in a lot of cases ‘they’ are right! The pain of trauma can wear off over time – a little. But the memory of the event will still be there – ask any war veteran. Unfortunately, not even the world’s most accomplished hypnotherapist, psychologist or mind-magician can erase the memory of a peak experience. But we can create ‘Emotional Distance’ which means that the memory is no longer hurtful or triggering. 

The hypnotherapist often works with feelings and emotions to help clients achieve a change in the way they perceive. The brain often hides behind the heart, so using a combination of relaxation, visualisation and imagination, it’s possible to banish the painful part of the trauma, leaving only an inert memory! 

Hypnotherapy for
Stress & Anxiety | General Anxiety | Social Anxiety

“It’s a only a short walk to Freedom…”

Stress, anxiety, worry… all affect the way you feel. Anxiety is common in people who suffer from exaggerated worry and tension – even in normal situations. It can feel like a prison that’s impossible to escape from – but this prison is easy to break out of, because it exists only in your own mind! 

Anxiety in particular can be like having someone constantly looking over your shoulder, watching everything you do, watching your every move. It’s time to remove that dictator from your life. 

Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxing experience – you don’t lose consciousness, you don’t go to sleep… instead, you learn how to change the way you think and feel about the things that bother you. If you can do that, you can change the way you think and feel about yourself… you can forget about the things that used to bother you, because the change can be natural, easy and automatic.

Hypnotherapy for
Grief and Loss | Loss of a Loved One
Failed Relationship | Letting go of the past

“Moving on is not as hard as you think… the road ahead can be easy…”

Most people try to forget – or get over grief – and that’s a mistake, because it’s contrary to the purpose of grief. Rather than trying to forget, it’s better to remember and accept what the emotion is trying to convey. There are many ways to remember. You can remember what you learned from the person you lost, remember what you enjoyed, and even cry if you feel like crying. Even if your grief is about a relationship gone bad, there is always something you can learn through recollection. 

Hypnosis helps you to reconcile grief and make space for it. In doing that, you will find it much easier to move forward.

Hypnotherapy for
Rejection | Thinking the Worst | Self-sabotage | Insecurity

“It’s time to turn your back on limiting beliefs…”

When people are rejected, they often feel jealous, or lonely, or anxious. Worse, we tend to interpret the hurt we feel and view rejection as an indication of our self-worth. This can make us feel even worse! But as painful as it may be, rejection can actually benefit you. Rejection can build resilience and help you grow and apply the lessons you learn to future setbacks. To reap the benefits, you have to deal with it in the right way. Hypnosis helps us use the past as a lesson for the future. 

Thinking the worst can be habit forming. But the worst hardly ever happens. Beating the habit is really a matter of putting yourself in the right frame of mind. Once we learn to do this we can also stop sabotaging ourselves because worry and self doubt is really just a misuse of the imagination. Like a prison we have created in our own minds, it’s the hardest one to break out of. But there is a way…  

Hypnotherapy for Depression

"... and time to restore your self esteem..."

It used to be thought that hypnotherapy was not a suitable treatment for people with depression. We now know that hypnosis is a powerful tool to help beat depression. Hypnosis helps to calm the mind and body – something that is extremely beneficial.  Depressed people have higher than normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol and hypnosis can be used to reduce this.

Hypnosis helps you recoup lost energy, rehearse new positive behaviours, and build motivation. These hypnotherapy sessions not only focus on better sleep and reducing anxiety, they also improve self-esteem and self-confidence, helping depressed clients regain ownership of their lives. 

Hypnotherapy for
Confidence | Self-Esteem | Self-Respect

“Confidence means making better decisions… the right decisions…”

It’s time to stop worrying about what others might think – they do not determine who you are! The truth is, you are better than you think you are! Healthy self-esteem means having an honest respect for your own abilities, potentials and values. It also means recognising your own strengths and trusting in them. 

Hypnotherapy can awaken your self-confidence and encourage a more healthy and optimistic sense of who you are and what you can be. Hypnotherapy helps increase confidence and determination – especially in social situations – and focus in the same way naturally confident people can.  

Hypnotherapy for
Public speaking | Performance anxiety

"It's OK to be a show-off..."

How many times have we watched someone hold an audience in the palm of their hand and wondered what it must be like to be able to do that? There’s nothing more empowering than standing in front of a crowd and knowing everyone is hanging on your every word! The secret is in your own head – and it’s time to unleash it! 

Hypnotherapy for
anxiety, confidence and perspective in Teenagers

plus - dealing with bullying

"There is a way out... you just haven't found it yet..."

Teenagers often struggle to make sense of the world. This is an ongoing process and it’s understandable that from time to time they may hit the odd bump in the road.  However, it’s important that these temporary blocks are addressed so your child can continue to learn and develop. A common problem is that teens often worry about things that adults would find trivial. 

The answer is to give them the confidence to overcome these hurdles – whether it’s a question of getting along with others in their peer group, or having trouble with schoolwork, the mental processes are the same. 

Hypnotherapy offers reassurance and the knowledge to put things in perspective. Importantly, it provides the confidence to understand that no problem lasts forever and  no problem is insurmountable. 

Hypnotherapy for
Fears and phobias | Animal phobias | spiders etc.
Agoraphobia | Fear of flying etc.

“…Nothing is ever as scary as you think it is…!”

Hypnosis has long been proved successful in overcoming stress and anxiety, fears and phobias. Many hypnotherapists use a powerful hypnotic technique called disassociation which has been shown to reduce fear by making troubling memories feel ‘safer.’ This is often referred to as creating ‘emotional distance’. Overcoming fears and anxieties becomes an entirely natural and comfortable process. 

Hypnotherapy for
Smartphone & Social Media addiction

“It’s time to decide, who is in charge… you… or the phone? 
The device is here to serve YOU… NOT the other way round!!”

We need to learn how to say no to technology that takes away our individuality. Online, there are more online videos, posts, articles, and games than we could ever have time to engage with — more products and gadgets being pushed at us via advertisements, and they all conspire to make us feel we’re missing something every time we hear a bleep. 

Now, it’s time to ask the question… do I really need this in my life, or it is time to uninstall all but the most essential apps and turning off all but the most essential notifications, and get my life back? 

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for
Weight Loss | Dieting | Healthy Eating | Comfort Eating
Sugar Addiction

“Fad diets don’t work... setting achievable goals does… it’s easy to do it right!"

A session of hypnotherapy will start by addressing the subtle – and often unrecognised – unconscious reasons behind unhealthy eating patterns, effectively changing them, enabling you to move toward a more healthy lifestyle. Eating is not a conscious, deliberate choice. It operates at the unconscious level, and this is where it must be addressed.

This is not a diet plan… it focuses on how to boost psychological motivation to make, and keep making, the right food choices. It addresses comfort eating and sugar addiction. Most important it concentrates on making better decisions – making the right decisions about food. 

In addition, we will instal a ‘virtual gastric band’ which will help you feel fuller and more satisfied quicker. 

Hypnotherapy for
Pain Management | Aches & Pains | Post Operative Pain Rheumatism, etc...
“Pain is nature’s way of telling us there’s something wrong… but you are a mind with a body, not a body with a mind!"

Hypnosis really can have a profoundly beneficial effect on the workings of your body. Physicians and psychologists agree that we are ‘a mind with a body, not a body with a mind!’ In. other words, the way we think can affect our physical health as well as out mental health, and there are volumes of scientific evidence to back this up. Major operations have been carried out with hypnosis as the sole anaesthetic. There is also a considerable body of evidence that hypnosis can enhance the effectiveness of the immune system. In a study at Washington State University, volunteers who underwent hypnosis specifically to boost their immune systems showed significant increases in levels of immune cells. 

Hypnotherapy is effective for controlling pain resulting from accidents, post operative pain, the ordinary aches and the long-term pains of age, illness and disease. 

Hypnotherapy for
Managing the Menopause

“Manage the new season in your life and cool those hot flushes”

The menopause is a change into a new season in life. It is not an illness or a disease, and it can be controlled. The deep relaxation hypnosis provides can have a profound effect on your sense of health and wellbeing – both physical and mental. The sessions provides an opportunity to learn how to master your own symptoms and control those hot flushes. 

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“I owe Mr Newton an enormous debt of gratitude because without his professionalism, expertise, compassion and care I would not have been able to find my way back to health and happiness. As a clinician who has worked in the NHS for over 30 years, I can honestly say that I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate Andrew’s exceptional listening and communication skills.” S.J. NHS Worker.

“Thank you once again for your time, professionalism and patience. You did indeed work some magic and I’m very grateful for that.” D.J. 

“Just letting you know I’m doing really well now, focussing on my goals now… Obsessive thinking is slowly going away and I feel much better again.” J.M.

“Thanks for seeing me today. I found the whole experience like a voyage of discovery. Your good humour, kindness and sensitivity was much appreciated.” C.M.

“It has been just over 6 weeks since [name of child] attended a session with you and gradually week by week he has grown in confidence and happiness – we could tell the difference straight away on the train on the way back. He has been leaving his bedroom to do things he has not done for years… out with friends, on Saturday we had a family day out… today he’s been to golf and tomorrow he’s going to London with my mum. He has chosen to do all of these things by himself.” M.H.

“When I left the session, I walked across Hyde Park. All the things that were weighing me down seemed to have gone and I noticed I did feel different, just like you said. When I got home the first thing I did was trash all the stuff from the ******* that had ‘owned’ me. The next day in work was the first day I had felt comfortable in my job for years. I do feel resolute and determined and that I have a life again. Thank you…” P.F.

“…amazing… I wish I could fly with you.” C.P. [after a session for fear of flying.]

“[name of child] has made fantastic progress…” G.S. 

“Just to say the session was amazing and has really helped. Feel so much better! This weeks been challenging, but my ability to cope and way to viewing it all has been completely different. Thank you so much for your input and assistance.” J.J.

“You made me laugh. That was what was missing. Thanks – onward and upward from now on!!!” G.A. 

“Since the hypnosis things have improved and motivated me to work towards full recovery. It has really given me the motivation to keep going and that I can do this gently and that I can be free and enjoy life.” T.P. 

“I have felt a significant improvement in general and I’m managing to be more relaxed, focussed and generally present in the day to day as a result of the hypnotherapy… so thank you” C.T. 

“Since our session things have been so much better. There’s been a massive shift and improvement. Thank you.”  J.M.

“I’m delighted to report that those two Zoom calls we had in October appear to have made a huge difference. That one particular disturbing issue that was on loop in my mind, dragging me down, seems to have skipped on… I also felt lighter afterwards.” J.D.

“I am so grateful for the session, and honestly I have never in my 30 years had this kind of instant/massive change… Right away I could see the changes – in all areas of life, and I’m not exaggerating! where before I would get an instant fear in my stomach that would stifle me… now I just smile… I keep looking for it to come back, but I’m realising that it is actually fully gone… honestly you have completely changed my life quality and I am SO grateful for it!!” R.H. 

“Just a quick update… I feel great! Have started visiting friends again and not bursting into tears… I feel more in control, I still feel sad and grieve for my incredible husband but now it doesn’t overwhelm me… Thank you for your time and wisdom, I really appreciate everything you have done for me.” Z.N.

“When my session was finished I felt different… and the next days everything changed… I had seen therapists prior to that at various times in my life but nothing was as profound as that session.” C.C.

“I am doing amazing. Thank you so much. I went for a walk on the beach. It felt so good to be at peace. My past has definitely stopped hurting. And it felt like it was a new beginning… I can’t thank you. enough… it was the best medicine ever. The one thing that keeps going through my mind since our video call is The past is not my future… I am living so much more.” M.T.

I have not been bingeing or comfort eating. I have not eaten anything with gluten, wheat or sugar in it and have been eating 3 small meals a day and not attempting to eat more. I have been walking every day and really enjoying it. I do feel a lot happier in myself and with life. Thank you so much Andrew!! C.M.

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How does hypnosis work?

There is nothing mysterious or supernatural about hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation – the result of a series of well-understood psychological techniques. You don’t fall asleep or lose consciousness… you will hear my voice at all times and you will be fully aware of everything that’s happening. Most important, you will remain in full control!

This state of relaxation – together with suggestion and visualisation – secures positive changes in the way you feel, helping you move forward by banishing negative feelings and emotions and replacing them with more positive thoughts and beliefs. 

One of the most exciting things about hypnotherapy is the speed with which positive change can be achieved.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Ninety per cent of hypnotherapy is… therapy. The conversation we have at the beginning of the session will help me understand what you want to achieve. This can be time-consuming, but it’s important if I’m to do my best to help you move forward. 

Powerful psychological techniques such as dissociation – which reduces fear by making troubling memories feel ‘safer’ – overcome fears and anxieties in an entirely natural and comfortable process. 

Negative feelings and emotions reside in the imagination – but the imagination can also be a powerful resource which helps you create a more healthy and optimistic sense of who you are, and what you can achieve. Working together, we will find a solution.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is especially helpful with issues that are stress or anxiety related – as most are. It might surprise you to know that the mind works more on imagination than it does on reality or logic. If our minds worked logically all the time, there wouldn’t be any need for therapists!

Using hypnosis, we can change the way you think about things, and by doing that, we can change the way you feel about them, and feel about yourself. Once you have control over that, you’ll soon forget about the things that used to bother you. We will address the things we talked about and this is when the real ‘change work’ takes place. I will guide you – but you will be in the driving seat at all times. 

The hypnosis reinforces everything we’ve decided on and makes it ‘stick.’ This is the beginning of change – you will feel relaxed and start to become aware of a growing sense of confidence and positivity. This involves some ‘mental gymnastics’ and my overall approach is quite unique. Even if challenges arise in the future, you will have the tools and techniques to help you get back on track.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Being hypnotised is just like daydreaming, or the feeling you experience before you nod off at night. You may experience feelings of well-being during hypnosis and you’ll also feel mentally and physically calm.

Your mind will be absolutely focused on the suggestions that will help you move forward and let go of all negative feelings and emotions. As your focus increases,  your mind will become open to new ideas. What happens during the session is specific to your individual needs, and whatever we talk about will remain confidential.

How should I prepare for the session?

It’s best not to eat a large meal or drink strong coffee or alcohol before your session. I also advise you to wear comfortable clothing. If you wear contact lenses, you might be more comfortable if you remove them. All you need is a comfortable chair to sit in and a pillow or cushion to rest on your knees. All that matters is that we will be able to see and hear each other. 


How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?


Most hypnotherapists spread the treatment over three or four sessions, but this is not how I work. 

I believe in getting life-changing results for the client in one session. This means that sessions can last up to three hours, but in that time we will absolutely get where we need to go. After all, what can we possibly discuss next week that we can’t talk about this week?

There is no time limit and you will have my full attention for as long as it takes. I can address most issues in one session.

Is hypnotherapy suitable for children?

Hypnotherapy for children and young people is effective and safe. Children can respond very well to hypnosis as they are naturally quite imaginative. I am willing to see children from age 13 or over providing there is a responsible adult with them. 


Hypnotherapy can be very useful in overcoming exam stress, improving concentration, and helping with low self-esteem. Also with confidence, perspective and anxiety in teenagers. 

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All sessions and/or consultations are confidential and no information will be disclosed to any third party. 

Fees must be paid as soon as the session is booked by Bank transfer (BACS). Fees are non-refundable if clients do not turn up or cancel their appointment.

Reduced price: £200 – Sessions can take between 2½ – 3 hours. There are no additional fees or charges.

I am not able to see clients who have attempted or considered suicide or who are under the supervision of a psychiatrist, unless their consulting psychiatrist has agreed to your visit in writing.

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