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Why work with Andrew Newton?

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Recent Feedback

Online Hypnotherapy

“I found myself visiting four hypnotherapists over the course of eight weeks…Only Andrew Newton was successful.” MENS HEALTH MAGAZINE – 17 MAY 2017

“I owe Mr Newton an enormous debt of gratitude because without his professionalism, expertise, compassion and. care I would not have been able to find my way back to health and happiness.” S.J

“Just a quick update… I feel great! Have started visiting friends again and not bursting into tears… I really appreciate everything you have done for me.” Z.N

“Since our session things have been so much better. There’s been a massive shift and improvement.” J.M

“I am so grateful for the session…honestly you have completely changed my life quality and I am SO grateful for it!!” R.H

“It has been just over 6 weeks since [name of child] attended… we could tell the difference straight away…” M.H

“Just to say the session was amazing and has really helped. Feel so much better! Thank you so much…” J.J

How can an online hypnotherapist help?

  • Online hypnosis for Anxiety; Stress; General Anxiety and Social Anxiety
  • Online hypnotherapy for PTSD, Trauma, Past trauma, Assault, Childhood trauma and Abusive relationships
  • Grief & Loss; Loss of a Loved One; Failed Relationships; Letting go of the Past
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Rejection; Thinking the Worst; Self-Sabotage; Insecurity
  • Depression
  • Confidence; Self-Esteem and Self-Respect
  • Public Speaking; Performance Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Fears and phobias; Agoraphobia; Fear of flying etc
  • Sports Performance 
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Smartphone Addiction
  • Breaking Bad Habits – Nail biting; Face touching; Trichotillomania; etc…
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Weight Loss; Dieting; Healthy Eating; Comfort Eating; Sugar Addiction
  • Exercise Motivation
  • Pain Management; Aches & Pains; Post Operative Pain; Rheumatism; etc…
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Better Posture
  • Exam Stress
  • Managing the Menopause
  • Hypnosis for Relaxation
  • Tuning in to your Emotions

Online hypnotherapy with the world's most experienced online hypnotherapist

An online hypnotherapy session is exactly the same as a face-to-face session – you will be in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without the need to travel, and at a time that suits you.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for change – even a cure – for a host of problems, particularly stress & anxiety and a host of emotion based issues. Hypnosis has been subject to intense scientific research at universities and hospitals all over the world and has significant academic and medical approval.

The positive effects of hypnosis as a natural and effective tool are now understood and accepted as a treatment for a variety of psychological problems. In short, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are now mainstream and no longer just a complementary therapy, but an essential and permanent solution to issues that were once thought incurable!

A lot of people have said they feel more relaxed and less self-conscious during an online session at home. A 2019 study by Manchester University found that online hypnotherapy sessions were as good as face to face sessions – all the people in the study reported significant improvement.

Online Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress

The hardest prison to escape from is in your own mind. Anxiety in particular can be like having someone constantly looking over your shoulder, watching everything you do, watching your every move.

Hypnotherapy offers a straightforward and rapid solution.

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I can accomplish in ONE SESSION what can take other hypnotherapists three or four weeks. Many of my clients come from recommendation.

Sessions are 2.5 to 3 hours – price £200 (approx NZ$385)No additional fees or charges. 

Each session will be tailored to your own specific needs. You will have my full attention, no matter how long it takes.

Part of the session may be audio recorded so you have a ‘top-up’ in your pocket whenever you need it.

“I do not subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ model of hypnotherapy where the hypnotist reads from a generic script. Most hypnotherapists make the mistake of assuming they already know what the client should have, instead of delivering what the client needs and really wanted in the first place.”

All sessions/consultations are confidential and no information will be passed to any third party.
Fees must be paid as soon as the session is booked by bank transfer (BACS). Fees are non-refundable if clients do not turn up or cancel their appointment.
I am not able to see clients who have attempted or considered suicide or who are under the supervision of a psychiatrist, unless their consulting psychiatrist has agreed to your visit in writing.

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