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eBook: All in the Mind – Hypnosis, Suggestion and the New Mesmerists

eBook: All in the Mind – Hypnosis, Suggestion and the New Mesmerists

Backed by the latest cutting-edge research, Newton takes a close look at hypnosis from the insider’s point of view… Newton’s knowledge is both detailed and breathtaking; his observations often shocking.

The most provocative book on Hypnosis, NLP and modern therapy ever written!




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“I have finally had a chance to finish your book. It was simply, wonderful. In the States, the books we recommend the most to read are Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman, The Wizard Within by A.M. Krazner, and The Encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis by Ormond McGill. These would be considered the classics. Your book is by far more informative and is heads and shoulders the best single book on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Stage Hypnosis that I have ever read. Thank you for taking the time to write it.”

Dr. Dave Hill DCH. California, USA.


“I have just finished reading “All in the Mind”.  My primary purpose in writing this to you is to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in this way. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it: an excellent combination of humour and information. It has given me cause for considerable reflection…”

Dr.Mark Chambers, Long Melford, Suffolk


…very impressed with the depth of knowledge therein.  I am a practising hypnotherapist (in a small way) in South Wales, and would like to purchase two more of the  above book to give to other interested parties.

Stan Stevens


Your book is like gold dust and I just cannot put it down. I have read about ¼ of it I loved the no bullshit approach. This stuff is simple and there are many people who are just trying to make it complicated then it needs to be. Thank you for enhancing my life.

Thank you for a gem of a book. It’s about time someone demystified hypnosis. It’s about time someone had the balls to tell it the way it is. I just could not put the book down until I read it all.
When someone asked me which hypnosis school to recommend I told him to read your book before he wasted his time and money. It should become compulsory reading for anyone who wants to get to the facts without having to wade through all the bullshit. I am going to put it on my website as a must read for anyone who wants a better understanding of this profession.
I wanted to demystify health and wellness and now you have given me the courage to do so.
Well done and thanks once again.
Kind regards,

Shokat Ali BA (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma (OU).


I wanted to write and say that “All In The Mind” was one of the best treatises on hypnosis I have read, and I do have a rather large library on the subject of hypnotism.

Dr Kenneth Kern, MD., California


“Insightful, detailed and incredibly well-researched, Newton has created a masterpiece of common sense and displays a unique insight into the whole subject… I really did learn a lot.”

Frances Depuyet, Paris.


“Newton has an acerbic dry humour which perfectly illustrates his exceptional knowledge. The man is brilliant. I’m still squirming… but laughing my socks off.”

Brian Meddings, Consultant Hypnotherapist, Birmingham.

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