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FREE Weight Loss (MP3)

FREE Weight Loss (MP3)

If you can change the way you think about food, you can change the way you feel about food… and you’ll be surprised how easy it is!


By setting achievable goals, the pounds will gradually melt away – you’ll feel bet-ter, more empowered, and become a more confident and self-assured person in no time at all!

Andrew Newton’s Weight Management session is simple and convenient, because it’s the last thing you do at night! No one has 45 minutes to put aside every day to listen to a recording… but as you’re going to sleep anyway, all you have to do is turn off the light and listen while the beautifully crafted suggestions take root in your mind.

After you lose the first few pounds, you’ll notice your body feeling fitter and healthier. Your food addiction has been like a prison where the door has always been unlocked… so why not just walk free? It’s now time to ask yourself, “who is in control – me or the food?” because if you can deal with an extreme situation without snacking, then you can deal with anything life throws at you!

You have only one body, so abuse it at your peril.

It’s not the food that’s the real addiction, it’s the habit, and habits can be broken just as easily as they were formed in the first place.

People often snack because of stress or boredom. If you snack because you’re stressed, you’re fooling yourself, because when you’ve finished the snack, the problem that created the stress in the first place will still be there.

We’re not suggesting for one moment that you go on a crash diet, but cutting down on sugar – and especially alcohol – will make a huge difference. You will still be able to have the occasional drink and enjoy the food you like, you’ll just consume a little less of it. This is what we mean when we talk about setting achievable goals. For instance, for most people, losing just one or two pounds a week will be enough. If you can lose just two pounds a week (roughly equal to one kilo) in two months you will have lost a stone (roughly 7 kilos.) And in six months, you will have lost three stone! (20 kilos.)

We are constantly bombarded with information from all sorts of sources telling us it’s hard to stick to a diet. People exaggerate the difficulty of dieting, but this is an illusion! Your food dependency is psychological, not physiological. Hypnosis can change all this – permanently.

Getting into the habit of eating slightly less gets easier as time goes on, not harder. Of course if you had the willpower, you wouldn’t need hypnosis! Hypnosis is not a miracle cure – to succeed, you need a little commitment and determination! The hypnosis will help you to maintain your resolve.

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