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Hypnosis Made Easy
Includes 12 Hours of Video

Hypnosis Made Easy
Includes 12 Hours of Video

12 hours of video on memory stick – PLUS FREE BONUS ITEMS.

Everything you need to know about hypnosis – by the man who taught Paul McKenna and inspired a host of others – explained in a way that’s easy to follow, understand and practice.



FREE Bonus Items:

  • Andrew Newton’s Rapid Induction film
  • Pain Management System film (LIVE, with real subjects)
  • eBook: All in the Mind – Hypnosis, Suggestion and the New Mesmerists
  • Scripts for Therapists


“As a Hypnotherapist and Trainer with over 20 years experience, I am skeptical when I see ‘new’ methods being offered. They are also often provided in ‘poor quality’ recording and over priced… The quality and price are excellent. The content however is stunning. Andrew teaches fully a very simple, powerful induction and deepener technique that I have never seen before or anything similar. It is non-threatening and non-contact and is suitable for everyone (including the nervous therapist).

I have found 100% success with this technique whenever I have used it. I used it recently an evening Self Hypnosis Class and all the students loved it and wanted to learn it for their own Self Hypnosis practice. It worked like a charm. The deepener is simple but superb. The Smoking Cessation demo had me in giggles. Seeing is believing.

If you know everything that you think you need to know about Hypnosis, don’t buy this.  For the rest of us who believe there is always more to learn, I fully endorse this amazing product from Andrew.”

David W. Taylor, Hypnotherapist and Trainer. NCH(Acc), NGH, NRAH (Management Team Member) UKCHO Registered.


“Lots of excellent touches – the Erickson family, the wild cat, the elaborate setting; all intriguing… The induction is simplicity itself and does work well… The smoker session is invaluable and I thought a very sweet gesture on your part. The languaging and clinical application brilliantly understated and expertly delivered.

Having done Jonathan Royle’s “There’s no such thing as hypnosis” I was initially a bit reticent to give your stuff a go; however, a therapist colleague and friend of mine of good-standing assured me you are a bit special!

PS: Thanks for the outstanding contribution you have made to hypnosis.”

Lawrence Pagett


“…full value for money and has created a greater interest in the subject for me.”

Neil Horrabin, UK.


“…a must have for any serious mind therapist! Newton’s Knowledge was excellent, he is obviously at the top of his field and there were too many highlights.

Stephen McKibben (American Board of Hypnotherapy & Institute of Holistic Therapies)


“You promised a lot, but delivered more.”

Clem Turner, UK.


“I love your rapid induction – have been using it to effect with many and look forward to using this pain management technique too. Many, many thanks and have a great day.”

Mrs Jane Nash, C.Ht, B.Ed (Hons), M.Ed, NLP Practitioner (Cert), S.N.H.S. Dip. (Hypnotherapy), EFT-ADV


“I have used your rapid induction technique very successfully since I emailed and since obtaining your book and dvd on the subject – so thank you again.”

Philip Dutton. Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Central Scotland, UK. 


“I really like the rapid induction. It’s very much quicker than the unthreatening-but-slow Erickson-type induction and probably more dependable than just ‘busking’ my way through a sequence!”

Tim Goodwin


“Thanks for sharing your great rapid induction with me, I have been in the hypnosis field for 2 years now and I really liked your approach and the ease with which this induction works, the feedback I have had so far has been really good, so thanks again.”

Alan Bagley


“Just viewed the rapid induction DVD. So simple clean and quick it will certainly save me so much time..thanks. You are right. The old gradual relaxation induction bored me to tears too and took an eternity to perform. Thanks again Andrew…”

Steve Bowley


“I would just like to say that I purchased your Rapid Induction DVD last year and it has never failed me. So thank you for that.”

Gareth Morgan


“The Secrets Newton taught us about mass hypnosis and group sessions were my highlights from a very knowledgeable Hypnotic expert!… Just to say thank you for the Rapid Induction… I have been using it with my clients for the last two months and can honestly say it is the simplest and most effective of all the inductions I have used in my practice over the years.”

Roger Foxwell (Member National Council of Hypnotherapy & Trained by London College of Clinical Hypnosis)


“Newton’s knowledge is vast, the information on group psychology and mass hypnosis if applied by the student could easily lead to a massive increase in their income!”

Frank Lea (Founder Member of The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association – Licensed NLP Practitioner with Paul McKenna Training)


“Newton’s knowledge was excellent, he shared invaluable information on group hypnosis sessions and some real tried and tested techniques which could take you into the big league”

Dave Laing (Founder Member of the Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnosis Association)


“I enjoyed Andrew Newton’s humour, his training skills and knowledge were very good and entertaining and I left the day with a few new ideas!”

Bernard Hillyard (Association of Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy)


“Learning about Group Psychology and the power of the build up, waiting for the moment was the most valuable part of the day to me! Newton obviously has extensive experience and a lifetimes knowledge to pass on.”

John Collins (Sussex Hypnotherapy)


“…very informative, especially the video footage he showed us and explained the Psychology behind! It was most valuable to learn how to Hypnotise groups and make money doing group sessions.”

Lynne Wogan (B.H.M.A. – U.K.H.A. – I.R.P.H.)


“A very interesting look into the use of mass hypnosis by leaders and how powerful suggestion really is! His knowledge is excellent, a very skilled entertainer, a comical trainer and taught us all many valuable techniques!”

Tom Bolton (Author of Vibrations for Health & Happiness)


“If you want to learn about timing, entertaining an audience and how to make lots of money in both Stage and Therapeutic use of Suggestion then I’d recommend that you attend Newton’s Next event or buy the videos!”

Beverley Anderson


“I’ve attended many Hypnosis courses and without a doubt Andrew Newton’s was equally as good as the others I’ve attended, and in some areas such as how to make mega bucks from Group Therapy Sessions it was far and away one of the best!”

Tim Ryerson (Owner, Hypnoshop)


“Newton is without doubt a master of his craft and any Stage Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist who seriously wants to be the best they can be and make maximum money for minimum effort would be well advised to take Newton’s training!”

Barrie St. John (UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners)


“…very positive and inspirational… I felt that I had learned a lot that was worthwhile.”

Simon Gosselin, (Jersey, Channel Islands)


“Newton’s Knowledge was superb, I really enjoyed the demonstrations and rapid inductions.”

Harald Bok (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

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