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Andrew Newton is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and taught and many leading hypnotherapists worldwide, including Paul McKenna.



“I owe Mr Newton an enormous debt of gratitude because without his professionalism,
expertise, compassion and care I would not have been able to find my way back to health
and happiness. As a clinician who has worked in the NHS for over 30 years, I can honestly
say that I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate Andrew’s exceptional listening
and communication skills.” S.J.

“Thanks for seeing me today. I found the whole experience like a voyage of discovery. Your
good humour, kindness and sensitivity was much appreciated.” C.M.

“It has been just over 6 weeks since ********* attended a session with you and gradually
week by week he has grown in confidence and happiness – we could tell the difference
straight away on the train on the way back. He has been leaving his bedroom to do things
he has not done for years… out with friends, on Saturday we had a family day out… today
he’s been to golf and tomorrow he’s going to London with my mum. He has chosen to do
all of these things by himself.” M.H.

“When I left the session, I walked across Hyde Park. All the things that were weighing me
down seemed to have gone and I noticed I did feel different, just like you said. When I got
home the first thing I did was trash all the stuff from the ******* that had ‘owned’ me. The
next day in work was the first day I had felt comfortable in my job for years. I do feel
resolute and determined and that I have a life again. Thank you…” P.F.

“…amazing… I wish I could fly with you.” C.P.

“******* has made fantastic progress…” G.S.

“You made me laugh. That was what was missing. Thanks – onward and upward from now
on!!!” G.A.

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