Why Religion is Mainly Pointless

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A recent study has found ‘no significant difference’ in the number or quality of moral and immoral deeds done by religious and non-religious people. What that means is that both religious and non-religious people do an equal amount of good things as well as an equal amount of naughty things.

To our knowledge, it’s the first study that directly assesses how morality plays out in people’s everyday lived experience,says Linda Skitka, a psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who co-authored the study, published in the respected journal, Science.

To learn how people experience morality and immorality in everyday life, the researchers used smartphones to survey more than 1,200 adults, aged 18 to 68. For three days, the demographically diverse group of U.S. and Canadian citizens received five signals daily, prompting them to deliver short answers to a questionnaire about any moral or immoral act they had committed, received, witnessed or heard about within the last hour. The study found that religious and nonreligious people differed in only one way: how moral and immoral deeds made them feel.

Religious people responded with more pride and gratitude for their moral deeds, and more guilt, embarrassment and disgust for immoral ones. Yet another reason why we would be better off without Religion.

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