The long-term approach to weight loss that works!


No one wants to start living off lettuce leaves and lentils, but it’s EASY to lose just 1lb a week!

In six months, you would lose 25lbs that’s nearly 2 stone, or 12 kilos! Losing the weight gradually, without any major change in your lifestyle, means the weight is going to stay off.


How many of them have there been in the last ten years? The Atkins diet didn’t result in long-term weight loss and strict crash diets always turn into yo-yo diets – the weight piles back on just as quickly once you finish the diet!

Crash dieting means trying really hard to cut down your food intake. As soon as you’ve lost a few pounds, you reward yourself for your own efforts. This excites the pleasure centres in the brain and the result is, the cravings for the things you’ve given up return with a vengeance. It’s exactly the same for people who stop smoking – one moment of weakness and before you know what’s happened, you’re lighting up again!


 Going to the gym turns fat into muscle and improves muscle tone, but that means working up a sweat three times a week! You can lose weight by taking less exercise! Taking a ten minute walk every day – to the corner shop, or maybe walking the kids to school, will burn enough calories so you notice the difference in your waistline in just one month! A little aerobic exercise every day really will do the trick.


Avoiding sugar means cutting out all the sweet things – You can still eat all the other stuff and still lose weight! If you cut down on alcohol consumption, the weight will fall off even faster (and it’s healthier too!)

Many people are overweight or obese because of emotion and stress-related eating.

In one study of 337 primary care patients aged 18-65, more than half said that emotional eating was the cause of their obesity. This is something that affects women more than men.

Your relationship with food is formed before we learn to walk or talk – it’s one of our first sources of comfort, so it’s not surprising that we rely on it in times of stress and anguish.

There are often emotional blocks or needs that prompt us to turn to sugary treats such as chocolate. Emotional event in our lives, if left unprocessed, can lead to comfort eating and thus weight gain.

Here are some things you can do about it:

Try to remember the time and place when you first started eating to comfort yourself – this is often during childhood – and then list your current triggers. Then ask yourself how you feel just before you reach for that chocolate bar? And then how you feel after you have eaten it. Understanding those feelings will help you to see the real reasons behind your eating habits and your weight gain. Letting go of past and present traumas can, in turn, help you to turn your back on the urge to eat when you feel rejected and frustrated, so you can develop a more healthy relationship with food and lose excess weight.

Try to eat balanced meals – always sit at the table to eat, and never skip meals.

When you are tempted to eat the things you already know are bad for you, stand still and slowly count to ten. Ask yourself why you are reaching for food now. Ask yourself if you really are hungry. If you are, then eat something wholesome rather than a sugary.

If you’re feeling tired, lonely, bored, angry or dispirited, and in need of comfort and distraction, there are other ways of banishing those feelings, such as a hug, a phone call with a friend, a walk or doing something creative.

Here are some facts that will astonish you:

  • 1 creme egg is 12 times as bad for you as 1 mini pork pie!
  • A pint of beer contains 2.5 teaspoons of sugar, but a pint of premium lager contains none!
  • At breakfast, a bowl of Sugar Puffs contains 5 teaspoons of sugar, but 2 Shredded Wheat contain none!
  • A small bag of liquorish allsorts contains a staggering 23 teaspoons of sugar!
  • Drinks like Coca Cola and Ribena contain 7 teaspoons of sugar!

Have a look at the list below to see what’s OK and what’s not – I believe it will change your attitude to what you eat for good!

The sugar content of each item is measured in teaspoons.

Breakfast  Portion  Sugar   Beer, Wines & Spirits Portion Sugar
Cereal – Kelloggs Crunchy Nut cornflakes 50g bowl not including milk 4.5 White wine – Dry large glass (250ml) 0.25
Cereal – Kelloggs Frosties 50g bowl not including milk 4.5 White wine – medium large glass (250ml) 3.5
Cereal – Kelloggs coco pops 50g bowl not including milk 4.5 White wine – dessert small glass 3.5
Cereal – Nestle Cheerios 50g bowl not including milk 3 RED  wine large glass (250ml) 0.25
Cereal – Kelloggs Fruit’ ‘n Fibre 50g bowl not including milk 3 Sparkling wine /Champagne standard glass 1
Cereal – Kelloggs Bran flakes 50g bowl not including milk 3 Mulled wine large glass (250ml) 11
Cereal – Fruit & Nut Muesli 50g bowl not including milk 3 Sweet sherry shot 2
Cereal – Kelloggs All Bran 50g bowl not including milk 2.5 Dry sherry shot 0.24
Cereal – Alpen Original Muesli 50g bowl not including milk 2.5 Port shot 3
Cereal – Kelloggs Raisin Wheat 50g bowl not including milk 2
Cereal – Nestle Shreddies 50g bowl not including milk 2 Beer pint 2.5
Cereal – Sugar puffs 50 g bowl not including milk 4.75 lager pint NONE
Cereal – Weetabix 2 biscuits not including milk 0.5 Guinness pint 5
Cereal – Shredded Wheat 2 biscuits not including milk NONE Sweet cider half pint 3
Farley’s rusks each 1 Dry Cider half pint 1.5
Porridge – Oats So Simple Apple & Blueberry pot 4
Porridge – Special K Multigrain 50 g bowl not including milk 3 Vodka shot NONE
Porridge – Ready Brek 50 g bowl not including milk 0.25 Gin shot NONE
Porridge – Porridge Oats 50 g bowl not including milk NONE Bacardi shot NONE
Breakfast Bars per bar 2.5 Whisky shot NONE
Oat So Simple morning bars per bar 1.5 Brandy shot NONE
Pain au raisin 1 5
Danish Pastry 1 4 Malibu shot NONE
Croissant 1 2 Grand Marnier shot 2.5
Hash Browns 1 NONE Amaretto shot 4
Bacon rasher NONE Smbuca shot 4
Egg 1 0.25 Kirsch shot 2.5
Baileys shot 2
Irish Cream shot 2.5
Breads Portion  Sugar   Crème de Menth shot 4
Wholemeal Bagel 1 1
Bread Roll 1 NONE Bacardi Breezer bottle 5.25
Wholemeal Pita Bread 1 1 Smirnoff Ice bottle 7.5
Brown or white bread per slice 0.25 Pimm’s & Lemonade glass 5
Pina colada glass 7.5
Margherita glass 7.5
Sandwiches Portion  Sugar   Daiquiri glass 7.5
Cheese & Salad sandwich/roll 2 slices of bread plus filling 1
Tuna Sandwich 2 slices of bread plus filling 1.5
Chicken Salad Sandwich 2 slices of bread plus filling 1
Egg & Mayonnaise Sandwich 2 slices of bread plus filling 1
Ham & mustard Sandwich 2 slices of bread plus filling 1
Coronation Chicken Sandwich 2 slices of bread plus filling 1
Chicken Panini 1 2
Chicken Wrap 1 2
Crackers & Crispbreads Portion  Sugar  
Ryvita Original & Ryvita thins 4 biscuits 0.25
Jacob’s Ritz crackers 7 crackers 0.5
McVities Cheddars pack NONE
Jacobs TUC Crackers 7 crackers 0.5
Dairy Products Portion  Sugar  
Cheese triangles per triangle 0.25
Babybel Cheeses each NONE
Ricotta cheese 100g 1
Parmesan cheese teaspoon NONE
Double cream 2 tablespoons 0.25
Butter 1 table spoon NONE
MILK 1 Pint 2.5
Plain Yoghurt small pot 3
Flavoured Yoghurt small pot 5
Starch Portion  Sugar
Rice individual portion NONE
Noodles individual portion NONE
Plain pasta bowl 0.5
Flour NONE
Salads Portion  Sugar  
Crayfish & Mango Salad 1 4
Prawn & Pasta Salad 1 3
Sweet Chilli & Noodle Salad 1 3.5
Roast Vegetable & Sundried Tomato cous-cou 1 3.5
Prawn Noodle Salad 1 3
Tuna Salad 1 2
Classic Greek Salad 1 1
Cheese & Apple Salad 1 1
Spinach & Pine Nut Salad 1 0.5
Four bean Salad 1 0.25
SUSHI Individual portion 3
Quiche lorraine large slice 0.5
Ready Made Meals Portion  Sugar  
Lamb Rogan Josh with pilau rice Individual portion 2
Chicken Tikka Masala Individual portion 3
Chicken Biryani Individual portion 3
Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken with rice Individual portion 7
Sweet Chilli Chicken with rice Individual portion 8
Uncle Ben’s Egg fried rice Individual portion 0.5
Thai Vegetable Curry Individual portion 3
Prawns with red Thai sauce Individual portion 0.25
Risotto Individual portion NONE
Shepherds Pie Individual portion 2
Chicken Leek & Bacon Pie Individual portion 3
Steak & Kidney Pie 1 0.25
Steak & Ale Pie 1 0.5
Fish Pie 1 1.5
Mini Pork Pie 1 0.25
Beef Stew Individual portion 2
Roast Pork Dinner Individual portion 1.5
Roast chicken in red wine & mushroom sauce Individual portion 1.5
Toad in the Hole Individual portion 1
Chicken & Bacon Risotto Individual portion 1
Bangers & Mash Individual portion 1
Chicken Supreme with rice Individual portion 1
Beef Lasagne Individual portion 2.5
Spinach & Riccota Cannelloni Individual portion 2
Beef Burgers 1 0.25
Fried Chicken 1 0.25
Fish fillets 1 NONE
pork sausages 4 sausages 0.25
Scotch Eggs 1 NONE
pate tablespoon 0.5
Fish fingers 1 NONE
Pepperami sticks 1 NONE
Tinned Foods Portion  Sugar  
Baked Beans 1 tin 5
Cream of Tomato Soup 1 tin 5
Vegetable Soup 1 tin 3.5
Junk Food Portion  Sugar
MacDonalds Big Tasty Burger without chips 3
Individual 9 inch thin crust pizza 1 4.5
Pot Noodle 1 1
Jacket Potato with cheese & beans 1 1
Chips portion NONE
Vegetables Portion  Sugar  
Potato 1 0.5
Carrots 1 0.5
parsnip portion 1
Onion one 1
Peas portion 1
Mushrooms portion NONE
Spinach portion 0.25
Green beans portion 0.5
Courgette 1 1
Corn on the cob 1 0.5
Radish 1 NONE
Mangetout portion 1
Sweet potato 1 1
Beetroot 1 1.5
Red pepper 1 0.5
Garlic 1 NONE
Broccoli portion 0.5
Cabbage portion 0.5
Red cabbage portion 1
Leeks 1 1
Cauliflower portion 0.25
Sprouts portion 0.5
Asparagus prtion 0.5
Lettuce head NONE
Cucumber 1 whole cucumber 1
Celery 1 stick 0.5
Swede 1 7
Aubergine portion 1
Kidney beans portion NONE
Tinned sweetcorn 3 tablespoons 1
Rhubarb bowl 0.25
Stewed rhubarb bowl 3
Fruit Portion  Sugar  
Apple 1 3
Pear 1 3
Orange 1 4
Tangerine 1 2
Banana 1 7
Plum 1 2
Figs 1 2
Apricot 1 1
Kiwi fruit 1 1.5
Tomato 1 0.5
Cherry tomatoes 5 0.5
White grapes 10 grapes 2
Red grapes 10 grapes 2
Melon slice 2
Pineapple thick slice 2
Grapefruit half 2
Avocado 1 0.25
Cherries bowl 2
Strawberries bowl 2
Blackberries bowl 1
Raspberries bowl 1
Tinned Pineapple tin 8
Tinned peaches in syrup tin 8
Tinned fruit in Juice tin 2.5
Tinned strawberries in syrup tin 7
Dried apricots handful 3
Dried banana 50g bag 5
Raisins small pack 7.5
Sultanas mini box 2
Snacks Portion  Sugar  
Doritos pack 2
Pringles, plain large tube 0.5
Pringles, sour cream & chive large tube 2
Mini Cheddars 1 bag 0.5
Twiglets 1 bag NONE
Flavoured Crisps 1 bag 1
Cheese twists 1 bag 1
Monster Munch 1 bag 0.75
Nuts Portion  Sugar  
almonds handful 0.5
peanuts handful 0.5
Honey roast peanuts 180g bag 7.5
Pistachio nuts handful 0.5
Wotsits pack 0.5
Dips Portion Sugar
Salsa dip small jar 3
Philadelphia 50g 3.5
Hummus NONE
Sauces Portion  Sugar  
Tomato Ketchup 1 table spoon 1
HP Sauce 1 table spoon 1
(Hellman’s) Mayonnaise 1 table spoon NONE
Salad Cream 1 table spoon 0.5
French Dressing 1 table spoon 0.25
Tartare Sauce 1 table spoon 0.5
Worcestershire Sauce 1 table spoon 0.25
Cranberry sauce 1 table spoon 5
Sweeet Chilli Sauce 1 table spoon 1.5
Olive oil 1 table spoon NONE
Jar Masala sauce half jar 3
Mustard 1 table spoon NONE
Tomato Puree 1 table spoon 0.5
Spreads Portion  Sugar
Honey 1 table spoon 3
Marmalade/Jam 1 table spoon 3
Peanut butter 1 table spoon 0.25
Nutella 1 table spoon 2
Golden Syrup 1 table spoon 3
Sweets & Desserts Portion  Sugar  
Haagen Dazs Ice cream 2 scoops 5
Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream 2 scoops 7
Plain Vanilla Ice cream 2 scoops 3
Cornetto 1 3.5
Fruit flavoured Ice lolly 1 4.5
Magnum 1 4.5
Large Ice cream sundae one large sundae 11
Apple tart per slice 5
Apple crumble per slice 6
Strawberry cheesecake per slice 5.5
Lemon meringue pie per slice 11
Chocolate cake per slice 5
Strawberry Swiss roll per slice 6
Carrot cake per slice 6
Victoria sponge cake per slice 4.5
Bread & butter pudding individual portion 3.5
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce individual portion 3.5
Treacle tart individual portion 9
Treacle sponge pudding individual portion 13
Tiramisu individual portion 5.5
Sticky toffee pudding individual portion 7.5
Raspberry & Sherry trifle individual portion 3.5
Tinned creamed rice pudding individual portion 10
Angel delight one packet, without milk 6.5
Ready made tinned custard 4 tablespoons 3.5
Muller Corner de Luxe 130g pot 7
Biscuits Portion  Sugar  
Chocolate digestive each 1
Jaffa Cakes each 1.5
Ginger nuts each 1
Jammie dodgers each 1.75
Mini Rolls each 3
Chocolate fingers each 0.5
Choc chip cookie each 2
Oreo cookies each 2
Large Chocolate cookie each 4.5
Flapjack each 8
Mixed fruit & nut oat bars each 2.5
Chocolate Portion  Sugar
Large Mars bar 1 8
Kit Kat 2 fingers 2.5
Twix 2 fingers 3
Aero small bar 6
Maltesers small bag 5
Cadbury’s crème egg 1 6.5
Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate bar one large bar 10
Skittles pack 12
Wagon Wheels 1 3
Frutella (Opal Fruits) pack 13.5
Licquorice Allsorts 190g bag 29.5
Iced Gems mini pack 3
Hot Drinks Portion  Sugar  
Coffee Latte medium 4
Black Coffee cup NONE
Cappucino cup 2
Tea with milk cup NONE
Fruit tea cup NONE
Ovaltine cup 5.5
Cadbury’s hot chocolate with milk 6
Horlicks cup 6
Soft Drinks Portion  Sugar  
Coca Cola can 7
Pepsi Max can NONE
Orange juice large glass 5
Apple juice small glass 6
Orange & Mango Juice small glass 6
Purple grape juice samall glass 8
Pineapple juice small glass 5.5
Tomato juice small glass 2
Cranberry juice small glass 6
Pomegranate Juice small glass 6.5
Red Bull medium glass 7
Cherry Vimto – no added sugar small carton NONE
Lipton Iced Tea large 5
Orange squash diluted 0.5
Dr. Pepper can 8
Ribena small carton 5
Galaxy thick shake 350ml 11
Slimline Tonic bottle NONE
Health Drinks Portion  Sugar  
Lucozade Original 380ml bottle 8
Lucozade Orange 380ml bottle 13
Locozade Sport Lite 380ml bottle 0.75
Powerade Berry & Tropica Flavour 500ml bottle 5
Vitamin Water’ 500ml bottle 4
Mountain Dew Energy Drink 400ml bottle 12
Water 1 bottle NONE
Yakult light mini bottle 1
Yakult mini bottle 2
Muller raspberry probiotic yoghurt drink mini bottle 3
Beer, Wines & Spirits Portion  Sugar  
White wine – Dry large glass (250ml) 0.25
White wine – medium large glass (250ml) 3.5
White wine – dessert small glass 3.5
RED  wine large glass (250ml) 0.25
Sparkling wine /Champagne standard glass 1
Mulled wine large glass (250ml) 11
Sweet sherry shot 2
Dry sherry shot 0.24
Port shot 3
Beer pint 2.5
lager pint NONE
Guinness pint 5
Sweet cider half pint 3
Dry Cider half pint 1.5
Vodka shot NONE
Gin shot NONE
Bacardi shot NONE
Whisky shot NONE
Brandy shot NONE
Malibu shot NONE
Grand Marnier shot 2.5
Amaretto shot 4
Smbuca shot 4
Kirsch shot 2.5
Baileys shot 2
Irish Cream shot 2.5
Crème de Menth shot 4
Bacardi Breezer bottle 5.25
Smirnoff Ice bottle 7.5
Pimm’s & Lemonade glass 5
Pina colada glass 7.5
Margherita glass 7.5
Daiquiri glass 7.5

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