Hypnotic Show Hilarious!

“I CAN see why he keeps coming back. The audience loves the show and with good reason.

Newton plays the audience so masterfully there’s no knowing what’s coming. And he has complete control. He is able to stop a subject a second before things go to far.

The 11 volunteers did everything from barking like a sealion to squeezing Newton’s cheeks.

I’d seen hypnotism shows on television, and thought they were funny. But I thought the people couldn’t really be totally unaware they were doing the things they were made to do… Well they are! And their antics are 100 times more hilarious and amazing live.

The highlight came when Newton had one subject – the man he singled out for the most fun throughout the show – ‘dance the Lambada with a beautiful woman he’d recognise by the rose between her teeth’. When Newton pulled out a red plastic rose and started eyeing the audience, I knew I was not the only person who was a little apprehensive. But when he put the flower between his own teeth, it took everybody by surprise. Though not as much as the ensuing dance!

When the show’s next in town I highly recommend it to everybody. It’s pure entertainment, and you’ll be sure to laugh until it hurts.”

The Andrew Newton Hypnotic Laughter Show at the Palmerston North Convention Centre, The Standard, New Zealand, May 12 2008

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