I Insisted All My Friends Come To See Him

“I first saw Andrew Newton at the Manchester Apollo when I was a student. I was so impressed I insisted all my friends come to see him the following week. Nearly forty years later, I was amazed to see he’s still going, working a delighted audience at the world famous Leeds City Varieties.

Newton doesn’t believe ‘the tired old line that the subjects are the stars of the show – they’re not’ he says. He knows he’s the real star and he uses his talent and lighting wit to make sure the audience knows it too.

Andrew Newton’s comedic antics are not just funny, they are inventive and clever, definitely not your run-of-the-mill stage hypnosis fodder. He’s still got the energy, he’s just as sarcastic, and his obvious skill makes the audience laugh hysterically while he tiptoes along a very narrow line, but it’s very subtle and underplayed. Heart-in-your-mouth laughter is hard to generate, but Newton manages it with a rare skill – it’s obvious he’s been doing this for a long time and his professionalism and experience give him the edge.

I had a chance to catch up with him afterwards. ‘What makes a good hypnotist?’ I asked. His answer? ‘Somehow, you just have to deliver the best show you’ve ever done in your life, and still get to the last eatery in town before it closes.’

He is still the best, something I suspect he’s aware of, but politely doesn’t mention.”

Review by Frank Stevens,  Yorkshire Evening Post,  March 2017

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