Forty years experience have taught me that successful hypnotherapy must focus on clients’ specific needs.

Most hypnotherapists read from a ‘one size fits all’ script instead of first addressing any underlying issues. Many fail to deliver what the client actually needed and wanted. My priority is to listen.

I can accomplish in ONE three hour session what can take other hypnotherapists 3 or 4 sessions.

Hypnosis cements and reinforces what we decide so you can achieve rapid change, retake ownership of your life and live anxiety free. Many of my clients come from recommendation.

“I specialise in all types of emotional problems…”


PTSD    Past Trauma    Childhood Trauma    Assault

Stress & Anxiety    General Anxiety    Social Anxiety 

Grief and loss    Loss of a loved one 

Failed relationship    Letting go of the past 

Rejection    Thinking the worst    Self-sabotage 

Public Speaking    Performance Anxiety

Fears & Phobias    Smartphone / Social media Addiction

Pain Management    Managing the Menopause

Andrew Newton is one of the world’s most experienced hypnotists

Achieves life-changing results in one session!

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Hypnotised over 62,000 people worldwide

Senior Lecturer in Hypnosis at Hypnoseakademiet, Norway, Europe’s leading Hypnotherapy Training School

Lectures on hypnotherapy in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, India – taught hypnotist Paul McKenna

andrew newton stage hypnotist

“My editor tasked me with finding out whether hypnotism has first-hand legitimacy… 


I found myself visiting four hypnotherapists over the course of eight weeks in an attempt to cure my own particular complaint … 


…only Andrew Newton was successful.”


From Men’sHealth Magazine, 17 May 2017

An online hypnotherapy session is exactly the same as a face-to-face session – you will be in the comfort and privacy or your own home, without the need to travel, and at a time that suits you…


Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for change – even a cure – for a host of problems, particularly stress & anxiety and a host of emotion based issues. Hypnosis has been subject to intense scientific research at universities and hospitals all over the world and has significant academic and medical approval. The positive effects of hypnosis as a natural and effective tool are now understood and accepted as a treatment for a variety of psychological problems. In short, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are now mainstream and no longer just a complementary therapy, but an essential and permanent solution to issues that were once thought incurable!


A lot of people have said they feel more relaxed and less self-conscious during an online session at home. A 2019 study by Manchester University found that online hypnotherapist sessions were as good as face to face sessions – all the people in the study reported significant improvement.


Andrew Newton is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with over 40 years’ experience. He is incredibly skilled at what he does and his clients come from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, and the U.K. 


Many of Andrew’s clients come from recommendation.

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